Sunday, 7 September 2008

Our Third Story From Our Honeymoon


So here we go, we both go to the gym together so we have tracksuits and this is what we decided to wear today to get wet in. I (DANI) was wearing a red tracksuit (made of cotton) with a black t-shirt underneath i was also wearing a black sports bra and bikini knickers in black also. Robbie was wearing a white tracksuit (made of cotton as well) with a white t-shirt. He was wearing grey boxer shorts.
We are still at the hotel on honeymoon so we still have a huge spa bath at our disposal so that is what we used.
I stepped into the tub first in my red tracksuit and knelt down in the tub. I then invited Robbie over to join me he got in and also knelt down in front of me. We both sat down in the tub together and watched as the colour change took place mine went darker and Robbies went almost see through. I then slid forward to cover the rest of my clothes in water Robbie then followed. We then unzipped each others tops to reveal our t-shirts. Mine had clung to my skin and formed itself around my breasts. Robbie's had also shaped itself around his body to. To make the t-shirts shiny i turned on the shower and started wetting myself down my front it was an amazing effect. i did this to Robbie as well. We then removed our t-shirts me revealing my bra which was sopping wet revealing my hard nipples i then lent over to robbie ran my hands down his chest, down to his waist and pulled his trousers off this revealed grey boxers which had changed from a light grey shade to a dark shade of grey. Robbie then removed my bottoms to reveal my knickers which hadn't changed colour.

Finally, seen as we are not posting pictures for you but telling you stories instead we thought we would like to tell you abit about ourselves so you can get a good picture in your mind when we tell you a story because thats what we really want.

First i will tell you about myself (DANI)
I am 27, i am 6ft 1 inch tall with blonde hair which comes down to my shoulders, i have blue eyes and i wear glasses, i am 34D bra size, my clothes are a size 16. I have two tattoos one on my bum and one on my left arm (I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL FOR A LEGAL PROFESSIONAL but its another story, a long story from when i was younger). i have size 7 feet.
So thats DANI and this is me ROBBIE
I am 26, i am 6ft 3 inches tall i have brown hair which is short and usually spikey, i have brown eyes, i have a 34 inch waist and size 11 feet. i have one tattoo saying DANI 4 EVER across my lower back.

Our Second Wetlook Story

We thought we would let you know that we are now married as you know i (DANI)am not posting any pics so we thought we would let you know what happened by telling you. We both found that telling our story was quite nice and we enjoyed telling you all.
So, we are not going to tell you about the ceremony which went without a hitch because you would find that abit boring so instead we are going to tell you about what happened on our wedding night. Well we booked the most expensive suite in the whole hotel for 5 nights it was amazing and the best bit was the bathroom because when we booked what we didn't know was that there was a big spa bath in this particular room. So when we arrived at the hotel from our wedding venue to change we found this big spa bath so we sat there for a while cuddling and kissing and didn't t bother getting changed. Later we thought we would run a bath for ourselves. When it was run we both got into the bath me with my creme wedding gown on and robbie with his white suite on. It was amazing and i was surprised how sexy we both looked but this wasn't the best bit as we started to remove our clothes we revealed my underwear which was a little under modest (well it was our wedding night) but the colour change was amazing my bra didn't change much but my knicks went completely see through and revealed almost everything. It felt so amazing to see each other dripping wet, i am glad i made this decision because it was so much the right one.
So we hope you have all enjoyed reading this and everytime we do something in our clothes we will let you know what happened. I am sorry we can't post any pics but i hope the stories paint a nice picture for you all.

Our First Wetlook Story

You see i love nothing more than to jump in the shower fully clothed but i have kept this secret from my fiance (if that's how you spell it) since we have been together. We recently moved in with each other so my windows of opportunity for jumping in the shower were greatly reduced. So, i used to to this when she was at work, this was alright until i was in the shower fully clothed and my wife came home from work early (ready to start her holiday). She found me in the shower wearing clothes that where soaking wet. She had a go at me and walked out on me for a week. She came back to me after a week so i apologised and she accepted so we decided to celebrate i went to the shop to get a bottle of wine. When i came back i couldn't find her anywhere then i found a little note on the table saying i am upstairs, so i thought her we go but when i went in the bedroom she wasn't there then i heard running water coming from the bathroom it was my fiance in the shower with absolutely all the clothes she wears to work. She said to me come and join me so we both got in the shower and loved every minute of it. We both now do this every time we feel like it. So you see i got caught but i am so glad i did.